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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

From Barbara Wright (née Lane) of Cumbria.

I have been researching my ancestry for many years and visited Berwick Record Office some time ago before the start of this wonderful project.

I have been trying in vain to find out who was married to William Sharpe, (born probably about 1590/1600) in the late 1620s.
I think William Sharpe is my 8th great grandfather but search as I might, I can't locate the source of this person so it may be another name entirely. My American contact seems to think it should be William Robert.

When was William born and where and is there other information about him?
Was William a burgess/freeman?

He had a son, Edward, born in 1630. This Edward married Fortune Richardson who was born about 1633 and together they had Edward, born on 29th July 1658. This Edward died, it seems, in 1672.

Later in 1671, Robert was born to Edward and Fortune and married Elizabeth Blackhell/Blackhall. Robert is my ancestor.

Another Edward was born to Fortune and Edward Sharpe senior in 1675 and from contacts I have through my DNA test we believe this Edward went via Ireland to America. I am in contact with someone in Mississippi, USA, who is doing the same early Berwick research but is descended from Edward Sharpe junior.

Another friend and myself have also extensively researched the Fortune Sharpe connection with Charles Mace and Francis, his son. Francis' daughter, Jane Mace, married into my Fenwick side of the family. John Fenwick was a tailor and I have often wondered if he, in early days, did an apprenticeship in Berwick .After marrying Jane they lived in County Durham.