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Monday 24 August 2015

A Salmon Fishing Card from Spittal to John Kyle of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Going out for a sail with the Salmon Fishers, Spittal
I discovered the Tuck Postcards database yesterday and thought this was a nice example.

It was sent to John Kyle, 167a Beach Avenue, Vancouver, Canada on 28 June 1912.

The first line reads:
We are spending our holidays here & enjoying it a1.

I doubt that the scene is a typical salmon boat, the boats didn't normally have ladies sitting in their finery in the boat !

A1 was early 20th century slang for something splendid, derived from the A1 road being the first numbered main road in Britain.

Who was GAK ?

If you're related to either GAK or John Kyle of Vancouver, Canada, please let us know in the comments, below or send a tweet to @Berwick900.

Images courtesy of Tuck DB and reproduced under a Creative Commons Licence.

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