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Wednesday 11 November 2015

New Creative Writing (Fiction) Group Using Historical Sources

Did you enjoy watching Downton Abbey, Sharpe or the dramas televised from Catherine Cookson’s novels ? 
 Do you enjoy reading historical fiction ? 
Is there a book or a short story inside you, just waiting to be written down ? 

The Berwick 900 Our Families Project has unearthed lots of interesting family stories about local people over the past 8 months, many of which can be seen here, as well as lots of other interesting bits of history. 

However, there are always questions remaining to be answered: 
Was Peter Gentle recaptured after he escaped from Berwick Jail while waiting to be transported to Australia ?, 
Did Agnes Aitchison’s son survive measles, 
Was John Hamilton Hall’s invention ever produced ? 

We’re looking to start a creative writing group to write stories, scripts for performance or poetry to fill in the gaps about incidents and historical characters in Berwick’s, Tweedmouth’s and Spittal’s history, using research produced by the Berwick 900 Our Families Project or that the writers do, themselves. 

There's lots of scope for imagining what led up to incidents, what impact it had on people, what happened afterwards and creating a family story. 

If you’re a budding or an established writer and you would like to be involved, please consider coming to the Creative Writing Group’s first meeting on Tuesday, 17th November in Berwick. 

Tea and coffee will be available and attendance is free. 

Space is limited and we want only a small group at the start, so if you’re interested, please email 

and I'll provide the location and starting time,

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