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Friday 14 October 2016

Mapping the Greenses in Berwick-upon-Tweed

One of the Berwick 900 Our Families family history research project’s legacies is a huge collection of information about Berwick-upon-Tweed’s Greenses fishing community in the roads of Low Greens and High Greens, which included the workhouse and in the much wealthier residential road of Ravensdowne which runs from the junction of Silver Street and Ness Street up the hill to Berwick Barracks.

Linda Bankier, the Berwick Archivist, has led several guided tours around these areas. The research team has amassed a wealth of information about the inhabitants of properties in the streets between approximately 1881 to about 1950, extracting the data from the census, electoral rolls, and newspapers.

Start at the Main page listing

High Greens, Low Greens and

Ravensdowne or go directly to the roads using the links and then to each house number.

The page for each road also contains links to large scale map PDF documents which can be downloaded.

The beauty of this innovative project is that it can be expanded, either to include more resources from which the information is extracted or to build a collection for another street.

Another advantage is that the collection can be directly searched in Google, for example, a search for Pringle using the search parameters

currently yields 3 results; 48, 66 & 68, and 78 Ravensdowne.

If you had, or think you may have had people in your family tree that lived in one of these roads in Berwick, this is a really useful resource.

If you have any information relating to properties in these roads (before 1950) that’s not on there, drop the team a line at

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