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Friday 20 November 2015

The Descendants of James Burgon and Joanna Richardson

From Jenny Burgon:
We really enjoyed the (Berwick's Maritime Connections) exhibition in July and were really sorry we were unable to return in October (for the Family History Festival).  
We noticed that one of the Burgon tree branches stopped at James Burgon and Joanna Richardson.
Their second son, Alexander, is my husband’s grandfather and here is a list of his descendants. 
I hope it fleshes out some of his offspring.

James Burgon (1856 – 1928) married Joanna Richardson (1854- 1894)

Peter (1879 -  )
Alexander (1880-1947)
Alexander was born at home in Low Greens, the second son of James and Joanna Burgon.   He joined the Navy and sailed home from China on HMS Rinaldo.  He was based at HMS Pembroke, Chatham until his marriage at the Baptist Chapel, Castlegate, Berwick-upon-Tweed on 19 October 1905.  He married Eliza Webb (1881 – 1962), the eldest daughter of a former soldier, Charles Webb (1844 – 1916) who had been posted to Berwick and married a widow, Eliza Fewell (née Scott) (1845 – 1932) in July 1879.

On his marriage, Alexander left the Navy and worked for the railway.  He and Eliza had four children: James (1907 – 1949), Alexandrina (1910 – 1982), Charles (1911 – 1974) and Peter (1916 – 1975).

James worked in Glasgow, where he married Catherine Macmillan Guy.  He volunteered for the services at the outbreak of the war but was declared unfit due to rheumatic fever as a child and joined Fairfields, the shipyards.   He also joined the Home Guard and worked in Clydebank during the blitz.   After the war he returned to Berwick.  He died there in 1950 leaving his widow with two sons, Alec and David.

Alexandrina, always known as Rina, married John Buglass and had two daughters.  Charles joined the Merchant Navy, married Nancy and had a daughter.  Peter married Isa and also had a daughter, Wendy, who joined the WRENS.  Both Charlie and Peter spent the war years in the Navy.

James’ son Alec married Valerie and has a son and three daughters, Robert, Catherine, Alexandra and Carolyn.  All married and Robert has two daughters, Laura and Olivia Burgon.  Alexandra has a daughter and 3 sons, the youngest are twins.  Carolyn has a son.   James’ son David married Jenny and has Graeme, Peter and Ruth.  Both boys married and Graeme has two daughters, Rosalind and Hayley Burgon.

Rina’s two daughters, Sandra and Frances, married and had children.  Charlie’s daughter, Patricia, married and had a son, Ben, and daughter, Nancy, who has two sons, Frank and Sidney and a daughter, Mabel.

Of Alexander’s 2 grandsons and 4 granddaughters, Alec worked as a marine draughtsman and Wendy joined the WRENs.  Of his, at least 11 great grandchildren, two have worked as diving instructors but the marine connection is now very weak.   He currently has at least 7 great great grandsons and 6 great great granddaughters.   Sadly, the Berwick connection is also weakening.  All but one of his surviving grandchildren are living in Scotland, one lives in Kent and one died in New Zealand.

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